Owners:  John Faragó

                Jeanne Martin

Local Host: Zsuzsa Hompoth

Recommended Driver: Alajos Pulai

Contractor: Anikó Kerekes

Culinary Advisor: Gyorgy Karpati

Maitresse de joie de vivre: Eliane Pickermann

Legal counsel: Dr. Biró Csaba

We’re really proud of these apartments and enjoy staying in them ourselves
when we’re in Budapest and want a change from our somewhat south-of-central, somewhat noisy apartment overlooking the Danube.  We have tried to attend to every detail we or our guests have thought of as we’ve stayed in them, but the truth is that none of this would be possible without the the colleagues and friends who have helped and guided us and who are there for our guests.
  1. Ilona makes it all work and deserves our greatest thanks for being there when we can’t be and for maintaining the highest standards always.  Time and again people ask how it’s possible to attend to every detail in making our apartments as comfortable and as consistent as they are despite the fact that we are thousands of miles away for much of the year and speak almost no Hungarian at all.  It’s a question with a one word answer: Ilona.:

  2. Zsuzsa is responsible for the remarkable condition that you will find all of our apartments in when you arrive,  She’s not simply the person who cleans and tidies up, but the one who sees to it that there’s something in the fridge, and that you’ll find everything from a rain poncho to an eyglass repair kit, from games for a rainy day to contact lens emergency supplies in the medicine cabinet..

  3. Anikó has seen us through the renovation of four apartments now, and her patience, creativity, capacity to sweet-talk bureaucracies, and flawless eye for design has more to do with the look of the apartments than words can capture. But Aniko is only the leader of a group of caring and responsive and talented specialists -- Laci, our plumber, Ferike, our electrician, and Tibor, our carpenter stand out for their willingness to address any problems that arise in the apartments during a guest’s stay, often within hours, any day of the week.

The Team

Alajos is such a special driver (and more) that he finds magical paths through snarled Budapest traffic (and when he can’t find them he sometimes creates them).  He has spirited guests through the one unruly street demonstration in Budapest’s recent history, and helped several non-Hungarian-speaking guests deal with lost bags and airport snafus.  He does not work for us, but is an independent driver with his own taxi and transport company (http://budapestairporttaxi.com), but we have been using him and a couple of his trusted colleagues ourselves for more than a decade because of his reliability and skill, and have recommended hi to our guests for almost that long.  He coordinates directly with Ilona and Zsuzsa  so we know that when guests contract with him for airport, train, cruise, or bus pickup they don’t have to worry about anything further on their arrival to the city.

• Eliane introduced us to Budapest through her eyes and that remains the way we see it, the city we love and the city we want to share with our guests...

• Gyorgy is the bridge between the Budapest my father wrote about and the Budapest of today...wise, twinkling, witty, encyclopedic, the repository of the city’s unique character and charm.  AND, together with Eliane, an absolutely impeccable guide to food and drink and the café life that makes Budapest what it is.

  1. Csaba has been our guide through much more than  the bowels of Hungarian law and bureaucracy.  A gentle, romantic, and witty soul, he's the embodiment of a new Hungarian generation...sensitive to its past, engaged in its present, passionate about its future. Football, music, food, and politics mingle in him...not necessarily in that order.

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