LEGEND (the geographic center of the Center City -- the Belvaros -- is at the Ferenciek tere Metro station; the transit center of the city is at the Deak ter Metro station; both are marked with the pale blue Metro symbol)


                            left of center = Servita ter 5 (Sarah & Belle);

                            bottom, right = Henszlmann Imre utca 9 (Max);

                            just below center = Varoshaz utca 6 (Olive)

ACafé Alibi

BCastro Bisztro (Digit[all] copy shop across the street)

CCafé Central

DDry Cleaner/Laundry

FFilm/Photo Processing

GGerloczy Café (cheese shop on Gerloczy st. around the corner above G, Paper Shop, Crafts Shop, Military Tailor on Vitkovics utca around corner below G)

ITourist Info, Produce Stand, Bike Rental, McDonalds (Suto u.)

MFood markets (large, full service)

PJeg Bufe/Parizsi Udvar

RRecharge minutes phones (Pannon Telecom on korut; PhotoHall on Vaci utca)

*Passageway from Semmelweiss to korut, through doorway to interior courtyard with shops and chocolate cafe

Annotated Map of the Area Around Sarah, Belle, Olive, And Max
[scale: top to bottom is roughly 1/2 mile, 2/3 km]
Map of the City Center With Our Apts and Our Friends’ Noted
[scale: top to bottom is roughly 2 miles, 3km]
Annotated Map of the Area Around Max, Andrei, and Jeff’s Place
[scale: top to bottom is roughly 2/3 mile, 1 km]